Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Will Corbyn Sign Motion Condemning Communist Murders? Per Guido Fawkes

Does Jeremy Corbyn condemn the murder of millions by Communist regimes?

Will Jeremy Corbyn sign this early day motion?
"That this House notes, with great regret, that 7 November 2017 marks 100 years since Russia's Bolshevik Revolution which subsequently demonstrated, time and again, that Communism is a murderous political ideology, incompatible with liberty, self-government and the dignity of human beings, and injurious to the national, ethnic and religious traditions of the world's peoples; further notes that Communism subjected millions to theft, surveillance, terror and ultimate destruction; acknowledges that the cultural, political and economic legacy of Soviet Communism still negatively affects vast numbers of people today; and accordingly believes that the crimes of Communism, together with those of its mirror image, National Socialism, must forever serve as a warning to humanity of the terrible consequences of totalitarianism in all its forms."

If he doesn't sign then does that mean that he supports the killing of millions in the name of Communism and how does that bode for the UK's future should the BBC manage to get Jeremy Corbyn elected to the position of Prime Minister.

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