Friday, 5 January 2018

The BBC have '10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble'

The BBC have '10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble', can you guess what word you won't find in the 10 charts? Yes, immigration...

The BBC do report that:

'4. The UK's population is ageing

The ageing population is certainly a major factor - and it's one that all health systems in the world are struggling with. Medical advances have meant that people are living longer. When the NHS was created, life expectancy was 13 years shorter than it is now.'
But immigration is not a factor apparently, which seems odd to me.

Mind you I was slightly shocked to see the BBC report these two facts:

 Don't expect any BBC interviewers to raise these facts with their friends from the Labour Party though.

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Ed P said...

There's a petition underway by a leftist organisation called 38 degrees (which I follow to see what they're up to, ha ha).
"Send your MP a message urging further spending on the NHS because of the evil Tories, etc, etc."
So I did. But not using their "suggested" letter, but instead highlighting the huge burden on the NHS by 100,000s of incomers, bringing in their disease-ridden relatives; the ridiculous levels of bureaucracy, which absorb all money thrown at it without adding a single doctor or nurse, etc, etc.
I urge all to do the same - there are some decent MPs who will be grateful for letters from realists to counterbalance the ravings from these pressure-groups.