Thursday 24 May 2012

Just one more reason why I hate the BBC's coverage of the Israel / Palestinian conflict

The BBC coverage of the alleged shooting by 'Jewish settlers' at Palestinians was front page news for the BBC news website and only today has it stopped being a lead story on the Middle East News page. No deaths and only a few injuries were the result of this incident, an incident which even the BBC have to report has disputed causes.

Here thanks to Algeminer is a list of the attacks by Palestinians on Israelis over the four days leading up to this story being headline news for the BBC. Have the BBC reported any of them?

'May 18, 2012

1. A border policeman is injured after rocks were thrown by Arab terrorists near Nebe Zalach.

May 19, 2012

1. A border policeman is injured from a rock attack by Arab terrorists near the Shoafat checkpoint.

May 20, 2012

1. At the Gush Etzion Junction, an Arab terrorist attempts to stab an IDF officer but stabs himself in the struggle.
2. Near Chirbat Adir on the Efrat-Tekoa Road, Israeli vehicles are damaged by rock attacks.
3. Near Na’alin on Road 446, rock attacks on Israeli vehicles cause damage to car windshields.
4. Rock attacks at the Shoafat checkpoint cause moderate injuries to an Israeli policeman’s leg.
5. Rock attacks near Adam cause heavy damage to vehicles.

May 21, 2012

1. Border police near Issowiya are subjected to rock attacks.
2. 2 rock attacks on Israeli vehicles near the Arab school in Tekoa cause damage to car windshields.
3. Rock attacks between Bet Umar and El Arub on the Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway.
4. Border police located at the A-Tur neighborhood near Jerusalem are attacked by dozens of Arab terrorists. Israeli Security forces arrest 5 of the agitators.'
Am I right in assuming that to the BBC attacks by Israelis on Palestinians are newsworthy but attacks by Palestinians on Israelis are not? If I am not right then why the disparity in coverage?

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