Thursday, 18 June 2015

BBC One - Question Time, 18/06/2015

According to the BBC the guests on tonight's Question Time are:
'... former leader of the SNP Alex Salmond MP, Conservative former shadow home secretary David Davis MP, Labour's shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint MP, editor of the Financial Times Lionel Barber and columnist Melanie Phillips.'
Two thoughts, first that it's nice to see two right of centre guests on the panel for a change. In fact maybe a majority with Lionel Barber as well. But as ever with the anti Conservative party BBC, there are reasons: Lionel Barber is the editor of the very pro the UK staying in the EU Financial Times, David Davis is very civil liberties and Melanie Phillips is forthright on Islamic extremism. All three are there to allow Tory splits (whether on the EU or Human Rights legislation) to be the story or for a right winger to be attacked (and therefore the Conservatives) for being insufficiently multi cultural sensitive. 

The second thought that strikes me is why is a SNP spokesman on the panel for an English set programme? The SNP are a Scottish separatist party, surely a representative of the third biggest party in the UK by votes received in the recent general election would be more representative of the national mood. 

I rarely, if ever, watch Question Time these days. Labour Party propaganda being so easy to find elsewhere on the BBC at an earlier hour.

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