Wednesday, 17 June 2015

No 10 Emails Self Destruct In Three Months - the BBC's reaction to reading this Sky News story

Imagine your a BBC newsoid and you read this article on Sky News here's what I'd imagine your thoughts would be...

'Emails sent from Downing Street computers self-destruct within three months in a system, it has been disclosed.'
Hold on, this could be big, get me Liberty on the phone.
'Under a system, which makes it more difficult for the public to get answers from Freedom of Information requests, messages vanish unless people actively save them.'
Can we get Shami Chakrabarti onto the lunch time news? Get a taxi to her immediately.
'It means the information contained in the emails is not readily accessible to the public if they ask for details about the subject matter the messages contain.'
This could be huge, can we also clear the decks for a Newsnight special investigation tonight? Kirsty could look aghast...
'The system was set up in 2004, under the Labour government, shortly before the Freedom of Information Act came into force.'
As you were, this story is of no use in furthering the BBC's anti Conservative agenda so best ignore it, the proles don't need to worry themselves about this one. Cancel that taxi!

Cynical, moi?

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