Monday, 27 July 2015

@TribeswithFlags isn't always amusing, sometimes he's really nasty

I posted earlier about a recent amusingly stupid tweet from @TribeswithFlags

Unfortunately it seems that he's not just an amusing fool, here's two earlier tweets that oddly enough he/she/it has chosen not to defend or justify.

Here's the first...

Interesting, an accusation that the Israelis are sending Palestinians to the ovens, with the implication that this is just as the Jews were sent by the Nazis. This sort of slur is more common than you might imagine amongst the nastier elements on Twitter.

Here's the second...

Strange that @TribeswithFlags thinks that the worst place in the world to be a Christian is Bethlehem not those areas of Iraq and Syria where Christians are being killed by ISIS for being insufficiently Muslim, or many other Islamic countries such as Pakistan.

I wonder what first attracted @TribeswithFlags to hate Israel...

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