Sunday, 29 May 2016

A good point re immigration

'Here's a point which both sides in the Brexit debate seem to have completely missed.This past year there has been a record level of uncontrollable migration which has topped 1/3 of a million people. 

Most of them are from Bulgaria, and Romania, do not have jobs and will be entitled to access our benefits, housing, NHS education, and other services.

No one ever seems to have the figures for how much this is costing the UK. If each person takes just £1000 which is extremely low then the total cost of £3.3 billion pa ! 

If, as is more likely they are taking £10K pa each then the total cost is £33 billion per anum !And that's just one years migration! 

If every years migration numbers were put together then this lot must be costing the UK well in excess of a trillion pa!

This is clearly unsustainable but add in the extra social housing which need to be built, and the cost is even higher !Someone urgently needs to address these figure in their calculations me thinks !'

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