Tuesday, 9 August 2016

No-one wants to be on ‘Strictly’ with Ed Balls

'THE BBC is struggling to find contestants for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing because Ed Balls is in it.

The corporation admitted it may be forced to use people who have the same names as celebrities and who can also stand to be in the same room as the bum-faced former Labour MP.

Huw Edwards, the BBC newsreader and inevitable Strictly contestant, said: "I'll wait for the next series. I don't even want to pretend to like Ed Balls."

Tennis hero Tim Henman revealed he turned down the offer, adding: "It seems like a rather pathetic attempt by Ed Balls to reinvent himself and I cannot be involved in that in any way."

Actress Penelope Keith, who also turned down the BBC, said: "It would be really awkward when Ed Balls finishes his routine and he and his partner join all the other contestants, but none of them are applauding him.

"It would just be a bunch of people glaring at him as if to say, 'Why are you ruining this for everyone? Why don't you just sod off?'"'
Thanks to The Daily Mash for that. The BBC's assistance in the rehabilitation of one of the nastiest members of the Labour Party in its pre Corbyn days doesn't surprise me but does revolt me.

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