Thursday, 1 September 2016

Israel 'approves 464 settlement homes in West Bank' -per BBC News

This BBC report is interesting as it has sat on the BBC news front page since yesterday. People are dying in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere. In North Korea millions live in fear of their own government, senior politicians are executed by being shot by anti aircraft guns, so being shredded to death. There's a low scale war between Russia and the Ukraine. China is expanding its presence in South East Asia etc etc etc. 

Yet the BBC prefer to headline that the world's only majority Jewish state is daring to build some houses. That the BBC is institutionally anti Israel has been clear for years, presumably that was the conclusion of the Balen Report and so why the BBC have been so desperate to keep that report secret.
The BBC's obsession with denigrating Israel does seem borderline anti Semitic.

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