Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dentists condemn call for child migrants' teeth to be tested per BBC News

'A Tory MP who called for child migrants arriving in the UK from Calais to have their teeth tested to verify their ages has been condemned by dentists.

A number of unaccompanied children from the "Jungle" camp have arrived to join relatives in the UK - amid suggestions they could be adults trying to get in.

David Davies, MP for Monmouth, said mandatory teeth checks would reassure people the UK was not being exploited.

But the British Dental Association said such checks would be unethical.

The BDA, which represents dentists and dental students in the UK, also disputed claims that dental radiographs can accurately determine whether someone is under the age of 18 or not.

British and French officials have begun registering unaccompanied children in Calais, with the first children with links to the UK having arrived this week.

However, photographs of some of the children have been printed on the front pages of some national newspapers, along with headlines questioning their ages.''
More here where there appears to be no concern as to whether these people really are children. 

When one supports unlimited immigration why should facts worry one?

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