Monday, 10 October 2016

Trump v Clinton: Who won the debate? Per BBC News - the BBC minimising a toxic anti Hillary Clinton story

This BBC analysis of the second Presidential debate manages to mention one smoking gun from Hillary Clinton's past but in such a way that the British public can be protected from the truth about the BBC's candidate of choice.
The BBC manage this:
'... Mr Trump unloaded every bit of malicious allegation and rumour he had....  He dinged Mrs Clinton's 1970s work as a public defender representing a rapist.'
An unbiased news organisation would detail what the accusations are and embed the audio of Hillary Clinton so the public could hear her triumphant tone as she tells how she got this man off of a child rape charge. 

However the BBC is not an unbiased news reporting organisation, it's a campaigning body and in this instance getting Hillary Clinton elected US President is more important than the truth.

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Carol Walker said...

Perhaps you could embed the audio of Hillary Clinton so that we can judge the tone for ourselves?