Monday, 12 December 2016

Anti-Semitism: Official definition 'will fight hatred' per BBC News

The BBC's report of Teresa May's plans to fight antisemitism in the UK gets a grudging welcome from the BBC in an article that ends thus:

'Labour, which has faced accusations that it has failed to tackle anti-Semitism in its own membership, welcomed the move.

A spokesman for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said hatred towards Jews was "as repugnant and unacceptable as any other form of racism".

Earlier this year Baroness Chakrabarti, the former director of civil liberties group Liberty, chaired an inquiry into anti-Semitism in the party.It found the party was not overrun by anti-Semitism or other forms of racism, but there was an "occasionally toxic atmosphere".'

This is the same Labour Party that is lead by someone who only last week shared a platform with at least one person who's exposed antisemitic views, lead by someone who called the anti Semitic and murderous scum of Hamas and Hezbollah 'friends'.

Only today Guido Fawkes has exposed yet another Labour Party member espousing apparently anti Semitic sentiments, read more about that here but not on the institutionally pro Labour and anti Semitism minimising BBC.

It's also interesting that that BBC article doesn't once mention Islam as one of the two main causes of the rise in anti Semitism in the UK. Mind you as the other is the BBC's endless stoking of hatred for the world's only majority Jewish state that may not be too surprising.

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