Saturday, 16 December 2017

Islamic State Threatens Berlin, London, New York With 'Holiday' Attacks

'Islamic State terrorists have threatened a second Berlin Christmas attack, exactly one year after the first, as security service search for suspect connected to the terror group.

The Islamic extremist group released online images and a propaganda video which also depicted London, New York, and Vienna, promising attacks "soon on your holidays… very soon," Kronen Zeitung reports.

The image of Berlin shows an armed terrorist by the Brandenburg Gate with the words: "Berlin will burn."There were also images of a bloody knife and Westminster Cathedral in London – a city hit by multiple deadly Islamic State-linked attacks this year.

Another edited image shows New York ablaze alongside the words: "We meet for Christmas in New York … soon". Just days ago, an Islamic radical set a bomb off in the U.S. city.'

Concerning news? News relevant to people living in these cities. But not news that the BBC want those forced to pay their licence fee to know about. Don't scare the plebs.

Thankfully Breitbart has the story...

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