Sunday, 27 August 2017

Birling Gap beach evacuated after suspected chemical leak per BBC News

The BBC are reporting

'Emergency services have evacuated a beach in Sussex after a suspected chemical leak.

People on the beach at Birling Gap reported painful, stinging eyes and breathing difficulties after a "mist" appeared.

Sussex Police said there was an "unknown haze coming in from the sea" affecting the East Sussex coastline.'

Chemical leak or chemical attack? What do you think?

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Hmmm... said...

I found this all very odd...while the BBC, Sky and ITV majored on a flood taking place some 5000 miles away, we had people collapsing or being affected badly in their hundreds on a beach on our South Coast. The authorities have no idea what the gas cloud or where it came from.
Our media seemed to show only a cursory interest in the story, choosing not to feature much in the way of videos and photos from the public or even interviews with them. It's still unexplained! But our media continue to treat it as "just one of those things" not even questioning the extreme irresponsibility of the Police in encouraging people to return to the beaches despite them having no idea what the threat level was.