Friday, 1 September 2017

BBC Radio 4 - The Cold Swedish Winter - formerly a comedy, now political propaganda

The Cold Swedish Winter was one of those BBC Radio 4 comedies that I listened to if I caught it but didn't worry if I missed it.

I turned on the radio earlier today and caught part of President Donald Trump's speech about the problems Sweden was having with Muslim immigration, that's odd I thought. It was the start of a new episode in the third series of The Cold Swedish Winter. What was once a vaguely amusing series about an Englishman trying to fit in in Sweden, a series with some gentle humour at the expense of the English and the Swedish seems to have become a pro immigration programme. There's an Afghan refugee, portrayed by an Afghan refugee, who's insulted by an old Swedish man which leads to the English protagonist saying "How could any human being agree with Trump". That seemed as good a moment as any to turn the radio off.

The BBC's obsession with brainwashing the British public would be amusing were it not so bloody dangerous and inimical to the interests of the country.

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