Monday, 11 September 2017

Labour's Brexit Policy Clearly Explained per Guido Fawkes' Euro Guido

I have as going to analyse the various Labour positions on the EU, something that the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC will not do. However why bother when Guido Fawkes has already done just that here

'Corbyn is whipping his MPs to vote against Brexit even though he privately supports it. Caroline Flint says MPs should rebel against the Labour whip. Thanks to Keir Starmer Labour officially want to stay in the single market during the transition, even though Corbynistas think the single market is a neoliberal tool of the bosses and want to leave it. Tom Watson says Labour could stay in the single market forever, yet John McDonnell says we have to leave it to respect the referendum result. Frontbenchers Jon Ashworth and Jenny Chapman say Watson is wrong, Heidi Alexander and Alison McGovern say he is right. Diane Abbott and Clive Lewis say Labour must support free movement, Corbyn and Starmer say free movement will end after Brexit. Barry Gardiner says staying in the customs union would be a "disaster", yet Starmer says we should remain in "a" customs union during the transition. Watson says we could stay in indefinitely. Tony Blair says we should just stay in the EU.

Got that?'

The BBC are always very excited by Conservative Party splits over the EU but completely unconcerned by Labour Party ones. The reasons are obvious.

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