Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"a few green shoots"

Oops, Business minister Baroness Vadera seems to have dropped a clanger - the BBC are reporting that
"Baroness Vadera was asked when the UK could expect to see some "green shoots" and replied: "It's a very uncertain world right now globally... I wouldn't want to be the one predicting it."

"I am seeing a few green shoots but it's a little bit too early to say exactly how they'd grow." "

"Insensitive" is the cry from the Conservatives. For myself I would like to know what these "green shoots" are and would suggest that an eye-test may be in order.


Anonymous said...

My shoots are green. So far this year I've made more money than for the whole month of December. Mind you, I'm lucky I suppose as my biz is not in hock to the banks.

Anonymous said...

"Green shoots of recovery" is a HMHB lyric.