Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Actually the Lords communications committee ate wrong

The BBC report that:
'The BBC's complaints process is "convoluted" and "overly complicated", a group of peers has said.

The Lords communications committee said it was hard for viewers, listeners and web users to know whom to contact. and proposed a complaints "one-stop shop".

Part of the problem was that the roles of the BBC Trust and watchdog Ofcom overlapped, the report added.

The BBC Trust said new chairman Lord Patten was looking at the issues as part of his review of BBC governance.'
Actually Apart from the question of who to complain to, the process of complaining is pretty easy. What's hard is getting a reply and what's all but impossible is getting a reply that accepts fault on bias and addresses how bias could be avoided in the future.

The BBC is biased by nature and its biases are obvious to anyone with any independence of thought. Until the BBC accept this fact and work to counter it, they will not be worthy of anything other than my scorn.

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