Friday, 10 June 2011

I have complained about this morning's Today programme's deliberate omission of a salient fact regarding Israel's size post 1967 and now

Complaint type: Radio
Location: England
Radio station: Radio 4
Programme title: Today
Transmission date: 10/06/2011
Complaint category: Bias
Complaint summary: Deliberate omission of relevant information form a report
Full complaint: The piece just after the 8:30 news explained that Israel trebled in size after the 1967 war. It then went on to say thus the idea of exchanging land for peace was born and that that was the way forward. The piece did not explain that Israel exchanged the Sinai peninsular with Egypt in return for peace in 1982. Thus any listener who did not know the history might think that Israel was still that much larger than it was pre-1967 and was still over treble the size it was in 1967, when it is not. Was this a deliberate omission? If not why was this extremely relevant fact omitted?
Receive a reply: Yes
Contacted us before: Yes
Complaint related to previous contact: No
Title: Mr
First name: NotaSheep
Surname: MaybeaGoat
Email address:
Under 13: No


Anonymous said...

Well, good luck Mr. Goat.
This is a tricky one for the BBC.
The facts are the facts. Either they know them and are being dishonest or they don't and are incompetent.
Teams of Beeboids will be working on a form of words for their response which you may receive within the next 6 months.
Why the question "are you under 13 ?" I wonder ? No obvious significance , unless the BBC believe it to be the age of consent.

Goldie said...

Isn't the point that Kevin Connolly's report is about the question of whether or not Israel will return to 1967 borders, therefore rendering any mention of exchanges with Egypt in 1982 an utterly irrelevant misleading, even unimportant aside? The size isn't important, it's the significance of 1967 that matters.

Not a sheep said...

No Goldie, that is not the point. The clear impression given was that Israel was over three times larger than now than it 'should' be on 1967 borders. This is not the case and that is the very important point.

Anonymous said...

Another point is that the BBC is either ignorant of the history of Israel or lying about it.