Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is the BBC 'imaprtial'?

'The BBC has to be impartial' and it 'broadly is' - so says the new Chairman of the BBC Trust, Rona Fairhead.


Various acting/former BBC staff have made comments that would seem to disagree including:"Today" reporter Robin Aitken; "Panorama" producer Gerard Baker; former "Newsnight" reporter Joan Bakewell; former director of news Helen Boaden; former "Feedback" presenter Roger Bolton; "The Moral Maze" presenter Michael Buerk; "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson; former "Newsnight" political editor Michael Crick; documentary presenter Sebastian Foulks; former diplomatic correspondent Freddie Forsyth; "Woman's Hour" presenter Jane Garvey; director-general Tony Hall; former "Panorama" producer Steve Hewlett; former director of news Peter Horrocks; former "Panorama" producer Anthony Jay; director of editorial policy and standards David Jordan; former documentaries commissioning editor Richard Klein; former "Today" editor Rod Liddle; former "Today" editor Tim Luckhurst; former "Good Morning Sunday" presenter Don Maclean; Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo; former political editor Andrew Marr; former "Today" editor Roger Mosey; former BBC governor Dame Neville-Jones; former "One Man And His Dog" presenter Robin Page; former "Newsnight" presenter Jeremy Paxman; former news producer Nick Pollard; former business editor Jeff Randall; political editor Nick Robinson; former "Crimewatch" presenter Nick Ross; former "Talking Politics" presenter Dennis Sewell; former head of current affairs Samir Shah; former news anchor Peter Sissons; former director-general Mark Thompson; "Today" presenter Justin Webb; former Online science editor David Whitehouse; and creative director Alan Yentob.

Is the BBC 'impartial'? I think we know the answer to that - and it's NO.


andy5759 said...

An impressive list of luminaries, too many 'formers' though. Some of those formers, admittedly, have retired. Most, though, are surprising formers. Why are some of them formers just as they are reaching their pomp? Is it possible that Auntie is weeding out proper journalists/broadcasters?

opit said...

The BBC might as well have as its motto 'Bias R Us' as the flagship propaganda organ of the British government. I was thinking of an old AlterNet article about George Orwell's time as an announcer for BBC hate radio - but as usual surfing brings up eclectic results.