Friday, 24 October 2014

Outrage or no outrage, the 'liberal' dilemma

Outrage or no outrage, the 'liberal' dilemma. Show a 'liberal' this video and ask them if the lady making the speech is exhibiting any signs of racism, then watch their head explode...

"Fuck China Town"followed by a long list of the things she hates about the area, including their noise and strange food, sounds racist ... But the person speaking isn't a white man, she's a black woman... Pop goes the liberal's head!

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Smoking Hot said...

Very true but why has Reid got to be so grovelling apologetic about it? What a frickin wimp.

Jeez, it'd be refreshing for someone to just turn around and say F##k off! We seem to be a nation of bottleless wimps.