Monday, 7 November 2016

The ongoing war on the British motorist (part 2) - Motorists face 'zero tolerance' approach to speeding on the motorways

'Radical revenue raising proposals by Befordshire Police and Crime Commissioner means all drivers breaking the speed limit will be fined

All drivers who travel at more than 70 miles per hour on the motorway face being fined under radical new proposals being considered.

Speed cameras would be switched on permanently across stretches of the motorway network catching everyone who exceeded the limit.

Motorists would then be forced to pay a £100 fine as well as having points added to their licence, or could opt instead to attend a speed awareness course, costing £90.

But rather than being used to improve road safety, the controversial plan is intended to raise millions of pounds in revenue for the police.'

At least the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner is being honest with the motoring public, unlike the UK government, see my previous post.

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Russ Wood said...

It's well known in South Africa that the local traffic police use camera speed traps purely for fund-raising. I was one of the many who was caught when a formerly 80 km/h city road was abruptly changed to the standard 60 km/h, and the cops set up their speed trap at the bottom of a steep hill. This was just TOO blatant, and the 80 km limit was restored about 6 weeks later. But not before the cameras had gathered innumable "20 km over the limit" fines!