Saturday, 12 November 2016

Winning the popular vote - the BBC propagandising a useful myth

The BBC is cheerfully propagating the myth that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and thus should be the next US President.

This is wrong for at least three reasons:
First because the electoral college method is well understood and the method used in the USA for Presidential Elections.

Second because the number of votes counted is not the same as the number of votes cast. This is because some states stop counting votes once the result would no longer be affected by the remaining uncounted votes.

Third because there are still a lot of uncounted absentee ballots. Two thirds of these are usually Republican votes.

However since when did inconvenient facts have a place on the BBC? The BBC is not an unbiased news reporting organisation, it is instead a campaigning body. The UK government MUST take action against the instructional bias of the BBC.

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English Pensioner said...

If we elected MPs on the basis of the total overall vote, UKIP would have more MPs than the Scottish Nationalists.