Thursday, 1 November 2018

Forget deserving issues and focus on basics, police told per BBC News

'Ms Thornton, the former head of the Thames Valley force who now chairs the National Police Chiefs' Council... highlighted the Law Commission's review into whether hate crime laws should be extended to cover offences motivated by hostility towards a victim's sex or age.

Ms Thornton said while "treating misogyny as a hate crime is a concern for some well-organised campaigning organisations" forces "do not have the resources to do everything".

She said: "I want us to solve more burglaries and bear down on violence before we make more records of incidents that are not crimes", adding she hoped the review "takes account of the pressure on forces before suggesting the law is changed".

Ms Thornton said historical investigations was "another example of issues that matter very much to some but they undoubtedly take resources away".

She told delegates: "While I understand those who have been harmed seek answers, I remain unconvinced that it is appropriate to commit significant resources investigating allegations against those who have died."'

Very sensible words, so ready yourself for the SJWs attacking Ms Thornton's words. 

Rest of the BBC report here

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