Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Far-left Labour members remove commitment to “recognise” and “oppose antisemitism” from Pittsburgh motion

The Red Roar report

'Far-left Labour members remove commitment to "recognise" and "oppose antisemitism" from Pittsburgh motion
Southend West CLP amended motion expressing solidarity with victims of Pittsburgh attack to remove commitment to "recognise" and "oppose antisemitism".
Far-left members of Southend West CLP amended a motion of condolence for victims of the Pittsburgh massacre to remove sentences which recognised antisemitism's existence and committed to opposing antisemitism.

The motion was proposed by moderate party members following the massacre of eleven people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA. According to the FBI, the gunman said during the shooting "they're committing genocide to my people", and "I want to kill all the Jews."

The original motion noted the events and the antisemitic views of the shooter, offered condolences to the victims and solidarity to Jews around the world. It went on to recognise that "antisemitism exists in society and … all forms of antisemitism must be eradicated", and called Labour "to lead the way in opposing antisemitism and fighting racism in all levels of society."

These last two statements were contested by far-left party members, and a compromise motion was instead passed which removed both lines. They were replaced instead by a commitment from the CLP "to reach out to the local synagogue with our condolences."'

That parts of the Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour Party have to compromise on antisemitism doesn't surprise me but it should.

Nothing on the BBC about this, obviously. 

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