Friday, 18 January 2013

Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa

Freedom House's latest report into Press Freedom around the world is out.
Here's an interesting graphic
So where do these 2% of people live?

Here's how Freddom House rate the 20 countries:
Algeria - Not Free
Bahrain - Not Free
Egypt - Partly Free
Iran - Not Free
Iraq - Not Free
Israel - Free
Jordan - Not Free
Kuwait - Partly Free
Lebanon - Partly Free
Libya - Partly Free
Morocco - Partly Free
Oman - Not Free
Qatar - Not Free
Saudi Arabia - Not Free
Syria - Not Free
Tunisia - Partly Free
United Arab Emirates - Not Free
West Bank & Gaza Strip - Not Free
Western Sahara - Not Free
Yemen - Not Free

Do you spot the pattern?

20 Countries:
13 Islamic countries rated 'Not Free'
6 Islamic countries rated 'Partly Free'
1 non-Islamic country rated 'Free' - Israel - the country that so often bears the brunt of the world's criticisms.

I am waiting for the BBC to report this study on their Middle East news pages.... Somehow I doubt that Jeremy Bowen, Jon Donnison or the rest of the BBC Middle East news team will consider this to be newsworthy, how can it be as it paints Israel in a positive light.

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