Friday, 25 January 2013

The invisible border

I have had the unfortunate experience of debating Middle East matters on Twitter with someone today. His twitter handle is @kjfella1.

Here's how the conversation went:

Unfortunately at this point I think my Palestinian supporting genius blocked me as my reply doesn't appear on his timeline. Here is is though:

Somehow I don't think @kjfella1 is interested in facts.

Here's kjfella1's Twitter bio:

Palestinian American,I write, direct, and am a stand up comic =0 part owner of street wear brand Wealthy Division it varies ·
Well the 'comic' part seems to fit. I certainly can't take him seriously.

Oh and here's a map for @kjfella1 to peruse...
Do you see the border between Gaza and Egypt or is that just a Zionist plot?

The interesting thing is that even if kjfella1 does see this map, if he's anything like the pro-Palestinians that I have debated with before, he'll still be spouting the same crap tomorrow because facts just aren't relevant.

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