Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The one hundred and seventy second weekly "No shit, Sherlock" award or a Conservative MP gets it

The Telegraph report this:
'Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the Public Administration Committee, appeared to accuse the broadcaster of bias as he was asked about splits within the Conservative Party on Europe.

He predicted that James Naughtie, his interviewer on BBC Radio Four's Today Programme, would be more deferential to the next guest, Lord Brittan, a former member of the European Commission and ex-Home Secretary.

"I appreciate the BBC wants to talk about the the Conservative Party but let's talk about the issue," he said.

Told he was being "silly", Mr Jenkin hit back: "I bet you're going to treat Leon Brittan with a lot more deference than you treat me because the BBC is not exactly a haven for Eurosceptics as we know

Mr Naughtie responded to the jibe by saying: "Oh for goodness sake, let's try to be serious about this".'
The BBC more respectful of Europhiles than Eurosceptics? "No shit, Sherlock"

But will this revelation encourage Bernard Jenkin or the Conservative Party  to tackle the BBC on its bias? I doubt it.

As for James Naughtie deploying the "Oh for goodness sake, let's try to be serious about this".' line, remember that James Naughtie is hardly politically impartial... Remember this slip?

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