Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Double standards?

Take the Nakbah (catastrophe). To Palestinians today, it represents a real-world catastrophe – the terrible, Holocaust-level tragedy that befell their people in 1948 during the first Arab-Israeli war (for Israelis, the “War of Independence”), during which about 3000 Palestinians were killed and some half a million refugees fled. To others, it represents a psychological catastrophe the horrifying global humiliation of seven Arab armies defeated by a rag-tag army of the worst of the dhimmi — Jews, the weaklings and cowards of 1400 years of Muslim tradition.

Compare with the current catastrophe befalling Syria today: 70,000 killed (and counting), and over a million refugees (and over 4 million internally displaced). In real-world terms, this is a vastly greater catastrophe than the “Nakbah” of 1948. And yet, it barely registers in the minds of the pro-Palestinian camp, who still swarm over Western campuses yearly complaining of a “crime” committed over two generations ago. They’re like the Mel Brooks (2000-year-old man) joke about the difference between comedy and tragedy: “Tragedy is if I cut my finger. I’ll cry a lot, go into Mount Sinai for a day and a half. Comedy is if you fall in an open manhole and die. What do I care?”
The Augean Stables  right on the money there.

It's not about human rights, and often it's not even about Israel. A lot of the time it's about hating Jews. I've explained many times that most Islamists don't hate Jews because of Israel, but hate Israel because of Jews. Oh no, I am told, you're wrong. Here's some examples:

First some clips of Muslim leaders, religious and secular, decribing Jews as "human pieces of filth", as "the scum of mankind", as "Satan in human form", of course as "the offspring of apes and pigs" and so on.

Particularly revealing is the segment from 13:30 to 16:46, how terrible a slur to call someone in Egypt - Jewish.

Second, the blood libel lives on in much of the Middle East and will get even more prominent in the run up to Passover/Pesach

In the third the brainwashing of children and the fruits of this brainwashing are there for all to see. Muslim children being brought up to proudly declare their hatred of Jews, their willingness to kill Jews and their desire to die in the process.

Any comments Jeremy Bowen, Jon Donnison, Wyre Davis and the rest of the BBC Middle East Department? Why do you never show such videos on the BBC, would that risk exposing the brainwashed British public to the truth behind your successful attempts to hide Muslim hatred of Jews?

There's plenty more such videos that can be found on the internet but not on the BBC. Try here for a start.

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