Thursday, 21 March 2013

I couldn't have said it better myself

From the comments on Biased-BBC this morning:
Doublethinker says:
The problem that contributors to this site have is that the BBC is stuffed full of employees with a liberal/left view of the world and that because there is no centre right counter weight in side the BBC their view determines how the BBC goes about its business.
Their own prejudices become a collective BBC bias which gives open door to causes they agree with, eg state spending , global warming and multiculturalism, but firmly shut doors to causes they don’t agree with ,eg less state spending, anti global warmering and people who don’t want alien cultures foisted on them.
Now if the BBC was a commercial operation such a bias would be fine but of course it isn’t and it ought not to promote some views and oppose others.
So powerful is the BBC, due to its enormous tax based funding, that it is changing the political outlook of the British people by this never ending all pervasive bias. Even if the BBC was abiding by its Charter and being scrupulously impartial it would be dangerous for so much power to be in the hands of one organisation, which is of course why the BBC opposes Murdoch. But to have the BBC supporting one side of political argument and opposing the other is undermining democracy in Britain.
The fact that the BBC is staffed almost exclusively by people from the liberal left means that it cannot be reformed unless very large numbers of people are got rid of. This is not a practical proposition and so the BBC in its present form must be got rid of if democracy is to survive in Britain.

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