Thursday, 21 March 2013

The deliberately 'offensive' Michael White

His words, not mine...

One question is why is he being so deliberately offensive towards me and at least one other blogger, @yidtech.

The other questions are a) why Michael White made that original 'settlements' comment and b) why he is so shy of answering that simple question?

One final question, I've been nothing but polite when questioning him, so why has he been so 'offensive'?

Since writing, but not posting this piece yesterday afternoon, I have continued to try and elicit a reply from Michael White to my questions; I have not been successful...

I've tried for several days to get Michael White to actually explain why he brought up Israeli 'settlements' in response to a story about a Muslim Labour peer being accused of hate speech against Jews. Unfortunately it seems that he thinks he can just keep blustering and casting insults and the matter will go away.

Well this post is out there, I'll keep nudging him with the occasional tweeted reminder and we'll see if he ever does just answer the question.

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