Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blackadder aka The Black Adder - The pilot episode - unaired in the UK

Part 1...

"The Eunuchs have cancelled"

"What's sounds like Greek but isn't Greek"


"Well it's quite cunning....."

Possibly the worst fight scene ever...

Part 3...

"Stupid bastard" 

"I wouldn't pass water over Scotland"

A rather good sword fight, Errol Flynn had nothing on Rowan Atkinson.

Overall I think Tony Robinson was a fine addition and Brian Blessed made for a noisier King.The whole piece was pretty much carried forward into series 1 which had much darker humour than the later series which had Ben Elton added to the writing team. The main change between this and the first series is that Edmund Blackadder becomes more of a snivelling fool in the first series, a change that was reversed most successfully for the subsequent three series.

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