Friday, 14 June 2013


'Targeting civilians is a crime punishable, and people targeting civilians will be punished for this, and I cannot understand this, also from another perspective," Kubis said. "Where is the honor in targeting civilians? What kind of show of "bravery," in quotations marks, is this targeting civilians, killing unarmed people that are working for the people of this country?"'
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It is odd that there are so many people who delight in vilifying Israel for allegedly targeting civilians, something Israel does not do - look at the statistics, listen to the experts who'll tell you how Israel works so hard to minimise civilian casualties.

Odd because these same people barely raise an eyebrow when Palestinians are killed in Lebanon or Syria, when Syrian civilians are massacred by their own army or when Afghan civilians are killed by the Taliban.
It can't be that the Palestinians are special because the killing of Palestinians by people other than Israel is pretty much ignored by these people.

So why do these people only protest when they can blame Israel?

There's one obvious explanation, but is that really the case?

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