Sunday, 30 June 2013

The health tourist 'hit and runners' who rip you off... with £24million in unpaid NHS bills as abuse of free care by non-EU patients doubles in just one year | Mail Online

Here's the headlines from the article:
'Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt promises crack down after Mail On Sunday investigation
For every £100 spent by the NHS on health tourists only £23 has been paid back
One individual cost the NHS £217,000 but not a penny has been repaid'

This is a story that has been reported over and over again over the last 15 years. I have absolutely no faith in the latest crackdown for two reasons: first because there are too many people in the NHS who feel that it is a good thing to spend money on health care for non British people, it's a similar mindset to that of the senior civil servant that I quoted a while back, these people don't care about value for money for the British taxpayer, they have a higher calling. The second reason is as quoted in the Mail: 'Fear of being labelled racist means NHS staff are reluctant to confront health tourists, according to a whistleblower.' The left's deployment of the epitaph 'racist' at anybody that crosses them is highly effective as in a non religious Britain, racism is one of the few sins. People's careers and lives have been ruined for being called a racist, so it takes a brave person to risk it.

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