Thursday, 22 August 2013

Darren Lehmann what a delightful chap

I heard the Darren Lehmann Australian radio interview yesterday but didn't have tome to blog it. He made some rather off colour remarks about Stuart Broad including this:
“From my point of view I just hope the Australian public give it to him right from the word go for the whole summer and I hope he cries and he goes home.

DJ “The first day at the Gabba is Free Tomato Day, they’re giving tomatoes out outside the ground, so just let him know that would you, Boof?”
DL “Perfect, we’ll get the whole lot for him. I just hope everyone gets stuck into him because the way he’s carried on and the way he’s commented in public about it,"
What a delightful chap Darren Lehmann is.

Actually he has form because back in  2003 he was banned for five one-day games for a “racially motivated obscenity” after he had been run out by Sri Lanka, “Black c----” was the epithet Lehmann was punished for barking out.What a charmer...

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