Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Why I detest the BBC’s Middle East news team, as Knell reports on prisoner release without mentioning their crimes

The BBC's pro Islamist terrorist coverage continues.
' Significantly, at no point during her shallow reporting of the "parties" and "big family reunions" does Knell bother to make clear to her audiences the significance of the fact that these events celebrating the release of murderers are organised by the same (foreign aid  funded) Palestinian Authority which is supposed to be a 'partner for peace'. At no point does she raise the question of how such official public displays of the glorification of terror and violent crime against foreign tourists, Israelis and Palestinians might be perceived as one of the "core issues" central to the peace process and may in fact be reasonably described as one of what the BBC likes to term "obstacles to peace".'
More here re the latest biased, anti Israel coverage from the anti Israel BBC

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