Sunday, 11 August 2013

Egyptian Jihadists brag that they were targeting Jews

'The statement said, "We mourn... the Mujahideen in the name of Allah, the martyrdom of a group of the finest fighters in the Sinai, four of the best of the group Ansar Jerusalem...whilecarrying out their jihad duty against the Jews, the process of firing rockets at Jewish settlements near the borders of the occupied territories."

The spokesman added, "What triggers grief in our hearts is the emergence of cooperation andcomplicity of the Egyptian army with the Jews in their crime... Is there any betrayal of the public larger than that? The Egyptian army allowing Zionist drone aircraft to breach the Egyptian border again and again, ...and cooperation and coordination with the Jews for the bombing and killing of the mujahideen?"

He continued that "[It is one thing to have] treason in the Egyptian army and employment ofJewish Americansin exchange for protecting the country's borders and fighting enemies, but now it became an army mission to protect the borders of the Jews and the achievement of U.S. interests and Zionism in this country, even if that means killing people by themselves or in cooperation andcoordination with the Jews, for they are death."'

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Yet still the western apologists for these Islamic terrorists will claim it's not about Jews, it's about Zionists. Crap, these terrorists don't pretend that it's other than a jihad against Jews.

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