Friday, 18 October 2013

Do the Duchess of Cambridge's elbows look odd to you too?

Do the Duchess of Cambridge/Kate Middleton's elbows look a little odd in this picture taken at Wimbledon in 2012? I've never seen elbows with two end points before. It's not Olecranon bursitis (aka elbow bump / student's elbow / baker's elbow / swellbow / water on the elbow) so what is it?

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Sl Meyers said...

I just noticed her elbows in photos of her visiting Canada this week. Her kelly green dress is probably not as modest as she thought. Oh well. The unusual elbow anatomy must not trouble her very much as she carried her healthy toddler down steep stairs off the plane, holding her son's hand, in high heels--a trick I certainly couldn't have done at my best! Could these be ganglion cysts maybe? Those don't bother people--until they do...

I really admire her poise under pressure. Her late mother-in-law could have learned a lot about handling public attention from Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, et cetera and so on.