Sunday, 27 October 2013

Miliband duped by union dirty tricks in vote-rigging probe | Mail Online

Some more news that you won't find reported on the BBC.
'Ed Miliband was facing fresh embarrassment over his relationship with Labour's union paymasters last night after secret emails suggested he had been duped by a 'dirty tricks' campaign orchestrated by them.

A cache of 1,000 messages was said to have disclosed how bosses at Unite subverted an inquiry ordered by the Opposition leader into vote-rigging claims.

In the summer, Mr Miliband suspended the selection process in the safe Scottish seat of Falkirk following allegations that Britain's biggest trade union had packed the local constituency party with its supporters to get  its candidate chosen.

But last month the Labour leader was forced to back down after local activists withdrew their complaints.

Now new evidence has come to light in the Sunday Times suggesting that Unite was indeed trying to rig the selection and then cover it up. The emails alleging dirty tricks have been passed to police in Scotland, who earlier ruled out an inquiry – and there will now be fresh pressure on Labour to reopen its own probe.'

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