Tuesday, 8 October 2013

the BBC respond to my complaint

Further to my complaint to the BBC, detailed here, I have had a reply - a very grudging one:
'NewsOnline Complaints  4 Oct (4 days ago)

Dear Mr MaybeaGoat

"Egypt" has been added to the map. The border between Israel and Egypt, and Gaza and Egypt, was clearly visible, even without labelling Egypt, so we do not agree that without labelling Egypt it creates the impression that Egypt is Israeli territory. Nevertheless, for clarity the label has been added.

Kind regards

Middle East desk
BBC News website'
I have responded:
'Thank you for your prompt correction, however I would point out that the last time I pointed out ( the same error out the BBC apologised, admitting that 'One of the maps is plain shoddy work, for which we apologise. It should mark Egypt.'
Was the BBC wrong to apologise for 'plain shoddy work' then or is it now?

Kind regards

NotaSheep MaybeaGoat'

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