Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What's wrong with advising people to put another jumper on if they are cold?

I listened to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme for just three minutes this morning and there was an example of BBC bias. The interviewee was Jeremy Hunt and the interviewer had to ask, at the end of an interview about trying to stop or reduce NHS tourism, about what people should do if they feel cold but also feel they can't afford to heat their home - should they just put another jumper on, was the sneering question. Of course Jeremy Hunt doesn't want to say so but YES they should.

We can afford to heat our house but that doesn't mean we have the central heating blaring morning, noon and night. It comes on for under an hour in the morning and an hour or so in early evening; during the day there's no need yet. Some houses I go to are heated so everyone can laze around in shorts and t-shirts, why? We sit in jeans and a long sleeve cotton top, if we're cold of an evening then we might put the central heating on for another hour or more likely we'll put on another layer, or even a thin blanket whilst sitting on the sofa.

Heating one's home is a necessity but there's no right to heat to excess. If you're cold put on another layer.

The BBC's anti-Conservative bias blinds them to the truth but also leads them to the inconsistent position where with one breath they tell us we must save energy to save the planet from CO2 induced man made climate change but with the next that we must all have the right to live in homes heated so we can relax in shorts and t-shirts.

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