Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dara says BBC ban on all-male TV panel shows is laughable

Apparently BBC director of television Danny Cohen has pledged that "we're not going to have any more panel shows with no women on them". 

I'm not too bothered by the new pledge, so long as it's not just endless Jo Brand and that short unfunny lesbian (not Sandi Toksvig, one of the other ones that the BBC adores). No I'm not prejudiced against lesbians, my lesbian friends would back me up on this I'm sure, but the BBC does seem to have a seam of lesbians that they have been mining for a while now; unfortunately they've gone from the decently funny Sandi Toksvig, through the occasionally funny Sue Perkins, to the deeply unfunny Rhona Cameron (coincidentally Sue Perkins' ex) and finally to the woeful Susan Calman who I've just remembered the name of, but not any of her jokes.

I wonder if the BBC will also look for political parity on panel shows, or is an over representation of extreme lefty types such as Mark Steele and Jeremy Hardy fine so long as Jeremy Clarkson appears once in a blue moon? 

The BBC's attitude to bias is in itself deeply biased.


Ed P said...

Perhaps off-topic, but you have just defined a great new collective noun, "A SEAM of Lesbians"

This works on many levels (which I will not spell out for the sake of decency).

Well done!

andy5759 said...

Could a toe pass through the eye of a needle? Or would it be required to be on the end of a camel?