Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maureen Lipman cuts ties with Oldie magazine per The Jewish Chronicle

The last line of this Jewish Chronicle piece is just so revealing...
'Actress Maureen Lipman has severed her professional links with The Oldie magazine, claiming she will no longer tolerate its monthly “drip-drip of antisemitic, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel material”.

Ms Lipman is a long-time contributor to the magazine, which was set up 21 years ago by former Private Eye editor Richard Ingrams. She is also a regular judge at its Oldie Of The Year Awards.

But following an article published in its March issue, in which travel writer Dervla Murphy described Hebron as a ghost town left ravaged by the shooting of Palestinians by American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein in 1994, Ms Lipman accused Mr Ingrams of “anti-Zionist bias”.

She said: “There’s an insidious nature to what is being written. Why would I be involved with that?“All I ask for is a level playing-field. They’re grinding babies into powder in Syria — get that in your middle page. I can’t just stand there at my age and contribute to something which is feeding the myth.”

Mr Ingrams said: “I am very disappointed that Maureen will no longer contribute to the magazine, but I’m not surprised because she has been unhappy for a long time about what has been featured in The Oldie.“

She does have a very straightforward view — that critical comments about Israel should be balanced by critical comments about Arab countries.“Well, the BBC may feel itself obliged to give what they call a balanced view, but we’re not under any obligation of that kind.”'

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