Thursday, 27 February 2014

When did the Left ditch democracy?

Here's an extract:
'On issue after issue, where they know they cannot win openly, the Left has passed responsibility over to quangocrats and Commissioners, Human Rights lawyers and judicial activists.The Left obtains by top down decree what they cannot win at the ballot box. And the Right loses, even when we win elections.

Far too many on the right still seek either re-heated Thatcherism or a kind of mid-70s, patrician Toryism. Neither will do.

A truly modern Tory party needs to recognise that we must do battle against the Left not merely for votes on polling day. If the Left has created structures that are beyond meaningful democratic accountability, we must embrace direct democracy.  We must be prepared to re-engineer the machinery of the state – the quangos, the senior civil service, the judiciary – and yes, even Parliament – to make them properly answerable to the rest of us.

Either we do that, or we face more defeat and retreat.'


andy5759 said...

Goodness, that's really something. Was he at the Old Swan perchance?

Anonymous said...

I've been increasingly uncomfortable with the terms 'Left' and 'Leftism'. It used to mean 'socialism' but these days true Socialists are few and far between. Most of that ilk are just self-indulgent, greedy, power-hungry wowsers, poseurs and fantasists.

I feel 'Pretenders' is a much more appropriate descriptor. They pretend to be moral. They pretend to care. They pretend to be inclusive. They pretend to be intelligent. They pretend to be rational. They pretend to be sensible, etc etc.
It's time to call them for the hypocrites they actually are.