Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The reality behind food banks and the Labour/BBC's line on them

Media Personage: "Mr Average, you use a food bank. Correct?"

Mr Average: "That's right. I mean, why pay for food when you can get it for free?"

MP: "But why have you started to use one now? Is it because the evil Coalition have been deliberately starving you on ideological grounds?"

MrA: "Not really. It's just that I didn't realise that there were people giving away free food until I read about them in the paper on my way to work."

MP: "And there you have it: more and more people are using food banks because the evil Coalition—cruelly limiting a household's benefits to an equivalent pre-tax income of a mere £34,000—are starving them utterly to death. On purpose. Back to you in the studio, Tom."

Tom: "Er…"
I think Devil's Kitchen has it about right, don't you?

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Alex said...

Not at all. Food banks aren't a soft touch and generally you cant just turn up and get fed (hte exception being the obviously homeless/destitute - what we used to call tramps). Generally, to get a food hand out you have to get a referral from social services or in some, particularly rural areas, doctors' surgeries, schools, viucars. Even then your permissible amounts are limited to three or four food parcels.