Monday, 14 April 2014

More from the NHS, the 'envy of the world'

'A pregnant woman with appendicitis died after a bungling trainee surgeon mistakenly removed one of her healthy ovaries, a tribunal heard today.'
Those poor people who live in countries that don't have socialised medicine....
More here at The Mail.

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alf stone said...

Let me just highlight dome of the typically English names involved:

Dr Yahya Al-Abed
Dr Babatunde Coker
Trainee surgeon Christopher Liao
There were a number of other staff present in the theatre on Sunday October 23, including a young doctor 'keen to get some experience', Osman Chaudhary.
Mr Chaudhary was allowed to make the first incision, but when complications arose Mr Al-Abed took over. 'Patient A had begun to bleed quite heavily. Something was not right,'
At an inquest in Walthamstow, east London, coroner Chinyere Inyama