Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Self-Inflicted Palestinian Victimhood | FrontPage Magazine

'American and European aid money has bought brand new SUV's for PA officialdom, the best in (with cheap labor) construction and luxuries, but nothing has changed for the Palestinian refugees, who are being kept in deliberate misery by their fellow Palestinians. Yet, western (American and European) charity is meant to ameliorate the condition of the refugees. Instead, the camps are administered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, better known as UNRWA, whose primary aim is self-perpetuation of the camp bureaucracy, paid for primarily by the West. UNRWA has fostered and encouraged the Palestinian refugee problem as a way to maintain the armed struggle against the Jewish State. It has done nothing to solve the refugee problems.'
More here at Front Page but not from the usual suspects who claim that Gaza is an 'Israeli run concentration camp'. Of course that claim is made to insult Jews and denigrate the real holocaust in which 6 million Jews (along with others) were systematically killed in an attempt to wipe out an entire race - Jews.

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