Thursday, 10 April 2014

BBC report only the stories that they want to report

Guido Fawkes here has the latest on Labour's Jim Devine:
'Jailed expenses crook Jim Devine has been ordered to pay his former office manager £18,000 in damages after a judge ruled that he had defamed her to cover up his own criminality. Marion Kinley alleged Devine had “stated I’d stolen significant sums of money while office manager and the reason I did this was because I had a serious gambling problem”. The judge agreed “that when he made these statement he knew them not to be true and that they were made maliciously” and that Devine’s evidence was “incredible” and “implausible”. This is one Jim won’t be able to charge to the taxpayer... '
The BBC don't seem to have any room on their mobile news site front page or politics page for this news, I wonder why... I'm sure if he was a Conservative MP they'd find the space.


Anonymous said...

As I commented on another item, we are gradually becoming more like the old East Germany - even the news is tailored to other agendas.

andy5759 said...

Notasheep..., three years ago I dipped into your blog quite regularly. Then, you had many a run in with the BBC with frequent FOI requests, oft rebuffed. Have you given up trying to hold them to their Charter. I wouldn't blame you.

Not a sheep said...

I ahd a few successes but more rebuffs. The last complaint took up a lot of my time and I got as far as just pre the BBC Trust. I am waiting for a 100% example of bias so I can give it my full attention. The BBC find wriggle-room in the smallest detail so I want to be sure of my position before spending more time.