Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Christians under threat in the Middle East per BBC News

Jane Corbin for the BBC reports on the persecution of Jews across the Middle East, , there's a programme about it tonight that this article accompanies - This World: Kill The Christians will be broadcast on BBC Two on Wednesday 15 April at 21:00. 

The article is interesting, including where the West's invasion of Iraq is blamed for ending the Christian safety in Iraq, but it is this passage caught my eye:
'The same story is being repeated across the Middle East, where the Arab Spring unleashed forces that turned against Christians and the authoritarian leaders who once protected them.'
Strange, I can think of one Middle East state where Christians live free to worship and live peacefully. But then why would the institutionally anti Israel BBC ever refer to Israel positively?

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Mark Williams said...

Christians don't fare so badly in Lebanon or Jordan.