Thursday, 23 April 2015

Happy St George's Day - Not that you'd know it is from the BBC's lack of coverage

23rd April is St George's Day, the national day of England. Not that you'd know that if you look at the BBC's England news page where there is not a word about it. Contrast that with the coverage that the BBC give St Patrick's Day.

The BBC really are desperate to destroy the English identity and along with the Labour Party they are doing their best to achieve this.

If the BBC do deign to mention St George's Day then there will be the usual dismissive comment that St George wasn't even English but was Turkish. Maybe someone could then explain to the BBC that St George did indeed come from Cappadocia which is in modern day Turkey but at that time there was no Turkey, Cappadocia being in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. It's odd how the BBC and their fellow travellers on the left are happy to call any Somali, Syrian etc. who sets foot in Britain, British but won't extend the same courtesy to the patron saint of England.

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